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Our Services

Excalibur Power Solutions is here to help all businesses.  We work with small, medium, and Large commercial and industrial businesses with their energy needs. We work independent of any specific energy supplier(s) to ensure that our clients are getting the best energy rates possible.

Although we work independently, we have garnered great working relationships with a multitude of energy suppliers. Our years of expertise in this industry means that we have real-life connections with suppliers in every deregulated market. We partner with companies who are some of the top suppliers in the country along with smaller suppliers who work in local and specialized markets.

Excalibur Power Solutions is able to lower your energy bill because of our investment in the savviest technology available industry-wide. Along with our use of innovative technology, our team is experienced at interpreting the results this technology provides – we are able to efficiently sort through mass amounts of information in order to give our customers the best possible rates.

We are so certain of our ability to meet your needs that we offer all new customers a free analysis of your current energy usage and spending as well as what your energy costs could be when working with Excalibur Power Solutions.

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