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Excalibur is seeking our next Superstar! We are searching for individuals that are outgoing, ambitious, driven and never satisfied with being average.  If that describes you, then now may be a great time to consider working with Excalibur Power Solutions.  Excalibur is lucky enough to provide a service that everyone must have and market conditions that create a space where we can thrive.


Excalibur was founded by a collection of talented, amazing, and hardworking Sales Consultants that were fed up with being underappreciated, underpaid, and never supported in the field. We have a strong foundation in honesty, integrity, and transparency with our Sales Agents and our customers.  Our representatives can have faith that they can always do what is in the best interest of their customer.


Excalibur is also revolutionizing the energy market by infusing amazing technology into our teams to make them more efficient, independent, and organized.  Ultimately, this technology allows our Sales Representatives to service more customers, transact faster and make more money for their hard work. Additionally, our teams love that we give everyone access to the pricing portals as a part of our technology advantage.  So that means no pricing desk, no faxing, scanning, emailing, documents to some guy behind a desk that is not interested in how fast you get pricing to the customer.  We give you the ability to put your customer’s information in once and you immediately have pricing from all available providers. We understand that speed of service is sometimes the difference maker.


To work with Excalibur you must possess the following:

  • A desire to succeed

  • Integrity

  • Strong negotiating and closing skills

  • Positive attitude

  • A self-starter

  • Cold calling skills

  • An ability to navigate corporate structures

  • Previous sales experience.

Those that possess these skills will be rewarded with one of the most lucrative comp structure in the industry. Our energy brokers love working with us and make a great income while they love their jobs and helping their customers at the same time.


If you want to hear more about our exciting opportunity, please email

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